Introduction to the CV Handbook and Resources

Congratulations - if you are going through or thinking about the steps necessary to successfully find the right job, you will find this becomes even more of a reality with the help of the following essential job seeker resources.

CV Handbook

This is the practical guide to help you in successful job seeking. You will have over sixty pages of up-to-date information and important advice, plus it is packed full of unique, easy to understand tips.

You probably know that a CV (Curriculum Vitae) is an essential tool to help you in job applications. You do, don't you? But you may be surprised to learn that most people do not know that in most cases, their CVs actually work against them! If you have ever experienced no response at all after applying for jobs, you need the CV Handbook.

The CV Handbook will let you discover the secrets of success from those who know what it takes to succeed. It really does help you to improve your chances of success, as it draws on the combined experience and insight of many:

CV Audit

Have you ever wondered how good your CV really is? Not just what you think about it, or even what your family or friends think (and in case you were wondering they are mostly too polite to really tell you). What really matters though is how your CV is viewed by those who will make a decision as to whether you will get through to the interview stage.

To find out if your CV is working for you or against you, we will look at your CV in total confidence and assess it using Stream. This CV marking system has been developed over the years to help job seekers improve their CVs, and is exclusive to and its accredited partners.

Not only will you get a detailed report identifying where your CV is succeeding, you will also have suggestions for those areas in which you need to make improvements. This is vitally important information which can save you an incredible amount of wasted time and frustration.

CV Writing

Whatever your requirements, our team of CV Writing specialists can help relieve the hassle and stress and help you to produce a CV to meet your individual needs.

Not sure if this is for you?

If you are still not convinced, or you're not sure if you need some help, or you can't find what you need, then simply contact us. We're here to help.

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